About Us

Since 2003 we have helped thousands of Canadians avoid the expensive legal bills that usually go with preparing separation agreements or filing for divorce.

Our documents are completed by trained legal assistants who are directed by an experienced family lawyer.

It's crucial to keep in mind that, while our team is supervised by an attorney, we can only assist with the assembly of your documents and can not offer legal advice. Our service is not an alternative for getting legal guidance from a lawyer. It is set up to help you in completing and filing paperwork for yourself as long as you are already aware of your legal rights and responsibilities.

We-Divorce.com is owned and operated by:
Integral Divorce Documents Inc.
P.O. Box 1480
Vulcan, Alberta
T0L 2B0

We give thorough and timely support by email. Sales support can also be obtained by email or through fax or voicemail. Our toll-free voicemail and fax line is 877-233-1732. We do not provide any live phone support. If you call our voicemail line with questions about an existing order, please leave your name and email address as well as the date of the purchase and we will reply by email. If it is a basic inquiry, please make use of the contact form.