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    Can your service provide me with a legal Divorce? top

  • For us to help you, there can not be any disputes with your spouse regarding

    • property division
    • spousal support
    • custody, access and children support

    If any of these issues are disputed, you should get them settled before using our services (we suggest mediation).

    Also, for us to help you, you or your partner need to have lived in one Canadian province or territory (except Quebec) for the past 12 months. You must also continue to live there until your divorce papers are filed. Only one spouse needs to reside in Canada to use our service. The other can live anywhere else in the world and our service can still be used.

    There are many grounds for divorce, however we will only prepare documents for those who have been separated for one year. Other valid grounds are cruelty or adultery but our service does not cover these. Very few divorces are filed on these grounds anymore. Due to the increased complexity and likelihood of a contested hearing, a divorce based on cruelty or adultery usually takes as long or longer to be granted than simply applying on the basis of separation for one year and waiting for the year to expire. Especially since you can be considered separated if your spousal relationship has ended even though you may still be residing in the same house. Also, you do not need to wait for the year of separation to expire before starting the process. Starting early speeds things up later on.

  • Once I get my documents, what do I do with them? top

  • You will get full, detailed instructions on exactly what to do with each document we provide you with. These instructions explain exactly how to serve your spouse (if it is necessary), how to file your documents with the courts, and how to obtain your divorce judgment and divorce certificate. If, at any time in the process, you need assistance, simply email us using our contact page.

  • How much do the courts charge to file my documents in my province? top

  • The provincial fees can change from time to time and are different in each province. The fees are usually specific to your circumstance. These are approximate costs based on the average case. Remember that these fees are usually unavoidable. You will have to pay these fees to the court whether you use our service, hire a lawyer, or try to do it yourself. We will supply you with an application for a Waiver of Fees, but we do not guarantee that every customer will qualify for the waiver.
    British Columbia$311
    New Brunswick$117
    Nova Scotia$282.91
    Prince Edward Island$85
    Northwest Territories$200

  • What do I do if I don't know my spouse's address? top

  • In most cases, you will need an address to serve documents on your spouse. First try looking on If that fails, you can hire a process server to find your spouse and serve the documents. If this doesn't work, you will need to hire a lawyer to get a court order allowing some kind of substituted service (for example, serving the documents on a relative of your spouse).

  • How do I hire someone to find and/or serve my spouse? top

  • These are some excellent places to help find the people you need:

    Lormit Personal Services
    Empire Tracing

    Process Servers in Canada
    Private Investigators in Canada

    These contain links to help locate and serve your spouse in other countries as well.

  • Will your company ever try to contact my spouse at any time? top

  • No. The only way your spouse will know about these documents is if you notify them. The only time we would contact them is if you specifically request that we send emails to both of you.

  • What is a separation agreement? top

  • A separation agreement is a document that details the division of property, child support, and other matters involving a married or divorced couple and is legally binding once signed.

  • Do I need a separation agreement to get a divorce? top

  • Although we can not give you legal advice about whether or not you should have a separation agreement. We can tell you that a separation agreement is not a requirement in order to apply for divorce. It is only necessary if you wish to divide property, divide debts, deal with spousal support issues, protect against future claims, or provide detailed child custody or access arrangements. But to simply end the marriage, such an agreement is unnecessary.
    When you order our divorce document assembly service you will also receive a detailed, fully editable, do-it-yourself legal serparation agreement package with complete instructions in multiple formats (Word, WordPerfect, and RTF) for free.

  • Do we have to decide how to divide our property before we get divorced? top

  • No, but in most provinces, there is a time limit as to how long you can wait. In Ontario, for example, you have to have settled the property division within 2 years of your divorce date, 6 years of your separation, and 6 months of your spouse's death. As long as you don't exceed these time limits before settling the property issues, you shouldn't have a problem.

  • Why should I use your service? top

  • There are basically only three possibilities if you want a divorce.

    Option #1 would be to use an inexpensive divorce kit and attempt to do it your self. That is fine if you know what you are doing and/or have a lot of time on your hands. This approach is complicated and time-consuming. Most people who attempt this technique end up quitting and opting for one of the other techniques. If you agree with the old saying that "time is money", this might be the most expensive method.

    Option #2 is to have a lawyer process it for you. This relieves you of the work, but can be very costly as lawyers can charge up to several thousand dollars for this help. If you can't resolve your differences with your spouse, or you are unsure of your legal rights, you must use a lawyer who can give you the legal advice and representation you require.

    Option #3 would be to use our service. The benefits are that you simply avoid almost all the work (and time) in preparing the files your self, and you avoid nearly all the cost of hiring a lawyer. Our service is a convenient, cost-effective, middle ground. For about the cost of an hour or two with a lawyer we save you literally dozens of hours of figuring out what files you will need, how you can complete them and how you can file them. Just file the paperwork we send you according to our instructions. The greatest part is that we are constantly there to support you by answering questions about our support or to make any needed revisions to your documents, and will never charge you any extra for our help.

  • What customer support do you provide? top

  • We are proud to offer completely unlimited customer support. By "unlimited" we mean:

    • we will answer all questions thoroughly, promptly, and courteously.
    • we will make any revisions you need as often as you want, for whatever reason, absolutely free.
    • we will help you fix any mistakes you've made, and will never take advantage of them to charge you more.
    • we will guarantee our work with a 101% money-back guarantee.

    Please remember that we simply cannot provide legal advice. You can ask whatever you like, but understand that if it requires legal advice, we will have to say so and recommend that you consult a lawyer about it.

  • What is the difference between a Sole application and a Joint application? top

  • In a sole application you ask the court for the divorce independently. Your spouse has nothing to sign unless there are children involved. If this is the case they will need to submit some financial documents proving their income for child support reasons. You will need to find someone to officially deliver, or "serve" the divorce documents on your spouse. This is an extra step, takes a little bit more time, and usually costs about $50-$75 to have a professional process server do it.

    With a joint application you and your spouse ask the court for the divorce together. You both need to sign the papers before one of you takes them to the court. Since there are fewer steps, a joint application is fastest. The only complication is if one spouse does not sign the documents or simply does not cooperate.

    So, a joint application is quicker and easier as long as both spouses cooperate by signing the forms. A sole application is better if you aren't sure if your spouse will cooperate.

  • What payment methods do you accept? top

  • We can process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Interac. If you would like to pay using another method, please use our contact page to send us an email.

  • Why do I have to enter my email address twice in your order forms? top

  • Since all our communication is done by email, it is incredibly important that the email address you give us is accurate. If it is wrong, we will be unable to contact you should we need further information, and in turn, not be able to send you your completed documents. By entering your email address two times, it guarantees that your email address isn't accidentally mistyped.

  • Is my child a "child of the marriage"? top

  • The Canadian government provides a pdf guide (page 9) with information about including a child as a child of the marriage. As it says, it can depend on whether you and your spouse decide to include the child or not. If you cannot agree you have the option of arguing it before a judge, but keep in mind that we will not prepare documents for cases with unresolved issues like this.

  • How much is your service? top

  • We charge $249 for a set of premium divorce documents professionally prepared based on your specific circumstances and backed by unlimited customer support and a 101% money-back guarantee. We provide you with physical copies of these documents, sent via Canada Post. We also include our detailed legal separation agreement package at absolutely no extra charge.

    All our prices are in Canadian dollars and include all taxes. Although there are other, US based, divorce companies which provide a similar service, by using our Canadian service you will get just as divorced, just as quick, but with the peace of mind knowing we specialize in Canadian divorces.

  • How long does the whole process take? top

  • It will take up to two business days for us to prepare your documents. We will email you a copy for your review. This will allow you to inform us of any necessary revisions. Once approved, we will send them to you via Canada Post. Once you have the documents you will need to file them at your nearest divorce court office according to the included step-by-step instructions.

    We suggest you allow three or four months from the date you file to the date your divorce will become final. This should be enough time for the court office to get a divorce clearance certificate from Ottawa, time for the courts to actually process your documents, and time for some mandatory waiting periods to pass.

    Throughout the process, if you have any questions about procedure or need any revisions made, we respond promptly to your email so that we can help keep the time required to finalize your divorce to a minimum.

  • Why should I trust you with my personal information? top

  • is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Our current BBB rating can be seen by following the seal below.

    Integral Divorce Documents Inc. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review

    There are several other reasons for you to completely trust us with your information. First, on your browser, at the bottom of the window, while you are on our order form page, you will see that our order form resides on a secure server (SSL). In Internet Explorer you can see a closed padlock symbol in the bottom right or top right part of the window. If you are using Firefox you will see the closed padlock symbol in the in the lower right. There are also GeoTrust and SiteLock Certificate Seals near the bottom of the order page. SiteLock independently verifies various aspects of our business and our website to make sure that our page is secure and we are who we claim to be.

    Second, if our payment processor (Paymentech) was receiving complaints they would withdraw their services, without which we would be unable to process any payments at all.

    Third, we can promise you that the testimonials shown on our web site are all legitimate and unsolicited from a small fraction of our satisfied customers. We have been in operation since 2003 and our reputation is very important to us. We would never jeopardize it by deceiving our customers. We would very quickly be forced out of business.