Professional Divorce Document Preparation

Do you need a divorce?

Are you ready to make your move, but feel paralyzed - dreading huge lawyer fees, stressful court appearances and messy fights over who gets what?

Divorce doesn't have to be a drawn out, anxiety filled procedure. If you and your spouse have come to realize that you just aren't a good fit, you should be able to dissolve your relationship and walk away with your pride, dignity, and finances intact.

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  • Fact: 90% of Canadian divorces are uncontested.
  • In most cases, both parties just want to end the relationship, wish each other well, and go their separate ways. Unfortunately, what commonly happens is that one or both parties engage a lawyer to help with the paperwork, and suspicions begin to build.

    Things escalate with each side being told they must 'look out for their interests' - and before you know it, what could have been an amicable parting of ways turns into an ugly courtroom brawl. In the end, nobody is the victor - and the lawyers emerge with the lions' share of the spoils.

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  • Fact: Traditional divorce proceedings can crush you.
  • Divorce in Canada can now be obtained easily and affordably, offering you quick relief from stress and the closure you desperately need so you can move on with your life.

    In the past, the only alternative to hiring an attorney to handle your divorce was to do it yourself. You could save on lawyer costs, but the paperwork could take weeks or months to complete and if you got one document incorrect, your petition for divorce could be denied, forcing you to start the process all over again.

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  • Fact: There's a better way to get a divorce!
  • We-Divorce provides you with a reliable service that eliminates stress and confusion. We're the middle ground between high priced lawyers and bewildering DIY divorce kits - bringing you an affordable, sensible solution that ensures every piece of paper is properly filled out and that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

    Our experienced team of legal professionals has successfully helped thousands of couples quickly and neatly settle their affairs and get the divorce they desperately needed. We do it without subjecting you to any courtroom appearances, bitter fights with your spouse, or hefty fees that leave you reeling.

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    You just want a divorce. We can help you get one. It's that simple.

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